Monday, May 11, 2009

Kelly Dougher #4-- Coming Home

Coming home, everything was the way she left it. The way his bottom lip hid the spice of Chinese takeout and the way her shirt and jeans still held the bitter smell of the cigarette smoke and the softer, sweeter scent of his hair. The way the dimmed hallway light seeped through her cracked bedroom door at night: blurry charcoal lines warm and silent on the dark walls. The way her sister let her laugh roll out and come quick with complete abandon, the way the old records would whisper noisily under the needle to gather their song before they go, the way her reflection in the kitchen window still held the same expression as when she left. Coming home, everything was the way it had always been, and everything was new.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Joshua Kirby #19 - The Cars And Sun

The water in his cup shook like in that movie with the dinosaurs. He knew there wasn't a tyrannosaurus rex anywhere in the area, though it would be more fun than the nearby highway. At least the dinosaur would go away eventually. The highway just keeps him up at night. When the sun goes down at a certain time of the year, and a truck passes by, it blocks out all the light and everything goes dark for a split second. Originally annoyed by this, he now hates that time he blinked when it happened.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cancel #2

Internet issues abound at the Top Secret Vignettology Compound.
Posting from the iPhone, while possible is a but of a pain in the ass.
See you all Friday.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Joshua Kirby #18 - Based On A True Story

He liked the rain because it gave him an excuse to stay inside. He never cared for the poetry or the songs about the rain. The sound and feel did nothing for him. He just liked staying inside and watching movies, rain gave him an excuse to do that. It's not that hell is other people or whatever they say, he just really digs staying in. Maybe listen to music he's been meaning to catch up on. maybe write a little something. He started with the title "Based On A True Story" and ran with it from there.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Zooey Zimmerman #2 - End Of The World 3 (Just One Of Those Days)

She wasn't too happy with the world that day. The lava and tornadoes really ruined her day, which had been going pretty well so far. Why couldn't this happen last week, when she overdrew her checking account and saw that bad movie? But no, had to end today, didn't you, world? She was shopping for a new pair of shoes, when all the televisions in the electronics department all switched to the news. "Of course," she sighed.  She grabbed the shoes in anger, and left the store without paying. Before getting back to her car, she was hit with a pang of conscience. She went back into the store and took a T.V. also.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kevin Haggerty #7 - End Of The World 2 (Shelley's Warning)

It was barely ironic when the breaking news made its way into the neuro-implants affixed to every human’s brainstem from birth.  The increasing efforts to maximize technological capabilities had taken the turn that ambitious authors had been scheming since the birth of Science Fiction.  Therefore, it was only appropriate that when the Global News Network announced our downfall that they called it Frankenstein’s Monster.  The cause arrived from the very same ailments that the good doctor had suffered himself.  Although brilliant, man had never truly learned to coexist with one another.  While some ran searching for some random refuge where they could avoid the impending carnage for a few more hours, most just stood outside and watched as the thousands of satellites once in orbit began plummeting down to earth.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Joshua Kirby #17 - End Of The World 1 (Complacent Max)

He really didn't mind the end of society. Society always got him down anyway. All his punk friends bitched about how they wanted anarchy, well now they have it. The surprising thing is, it's not all molotov cocktails and racing through the desert in search of gasoline, the survivors just survive. They just go about their business, waiting for the radiation to wear off of the fun stuff.